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Invited  to conduct  the   training  on 《the automobile industry cost engineering system and practical case》 at  Changzhou EITC


Invited by  Changzhou EITC, Dr. Liu Xiaoyi, CEO of  CostKey  Solutions, conducted  the   training  on 《the automobile industry cost engineering system and practical case》  for leaders of government and automobile enterprises at   changzhou city convention center.

The importance of cost engineering and its tangible benefits to the enterprise are once again recognized by the entity enterprise, cost reduction and efficiency increase are the daily business that must be done to improve the enterprise income and enhance the enterprise's market competitiveness.

Original report of Changzhou EITC


CostKey® Solutions in Dongfeng Motor Technical Centre

2018.09.17 to 2018.09.21

CostKey® Solutions (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., as the star of cost engineering, goes into Dongfeng Motor group. Dr. Liu Xiaoyi, CEO of  CostKey®  Solutions, introduced the customer projects and cost reduction experience to the chairman of Dongfeng Motor group Zhu Yanfeng and the director of Dongfeng Motor Technical Centre Tan Minqiang.


CostKey® Solutions in AIWAYS


invitated by CEO of AIWAYS Mr. Gu Feng, Dr. Liu Xiaoyi, CEO of CostKey® Solutions, gave a lecture on《 Cost engineering system and best practice of OEMs》, managers and engineers of R&D, finance, quality and other departments participated in the training with intensive questions and discussions.



Still focusing on Tesla More attention should be paid to Chinese automobile manufacturers and the Chinese market In the future.


Dr. Liu Xiaoyi, CEO of  CostKey®  Solutions and Mr. Markus Wiederstein,general manager of German partner Polarix-Partner, jointly published in the third European International Electric Mobility  Exhibition eMove 2018 analysed the global electric vehicle market detailed, especially the market and major electric vehicle manufacturers in China.